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CNC Lathes

We have different types of CNC Laches

  • Doosan, Puma 800M -- (X)35.4” x (Z)76.8” BC, 12.6” Thru Bore, Live Tooling, DualChuck
  • Doosan, Puma 700XL -- (x)18.5" x (Z)198.8" BC Max Diameter 35" 7" Thru Hole
  • Doosan, Puma 400L -- (X)15” x (Z)80” BC
  • Hass, ST40L -- (X)15” x (Z) 80” BC 7” Thru Bore
  • Mazak, Quick Turn Nexus 350-II -- (X)26.8” x (Z)60” BC
  • Cincinnati Milacron, Falcon 200 With Bar Feeder / Collet Chuck -- ((X)8” x (Z)16” BC
  • Cincinnati Milacron, Falcon 200 -- (X) 8” x (Z) 16” BC


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