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Welcome To Saxon Technologies

The Best Solution for all Industrial & Factory Businesses

Welcome to Saxon Technologies, a leading CNC machining company located within Houston, Texas. Our expert team of engineers specializes in CNC machining of complex 3-Dimensional components for many industries including Petroleum, Defense, Aerospace, Medical and Prototype Development.

Since we are not an industry specific company, our engineers have experience working with a limitless variety of materials to suit any industry including exotic materials such as inconel, and titanium; as well as many common materials such as plastics, aluminum, brass and mild steel.

All our machining equipment, inspection facilities, storage spaces and workspaces are located within our new state-of-the-art climate controlled machining facility. We also follow strict equipment maintenance schedules and cleanliness guidelines that help insure precision products and dependable delivery schedules.

When you combine everything we have to offer, you will quickly realize why we are considered a leader in CNC machining. We take great pride in offering our customers with exceptional levels of precision workmanship, superior customer service, and dependable delivery schedules at competitive pricing.

We welcome enquiries at any time and please do not hesitate to arrange for your no-obligation quotation today.

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